I, Menopausey’s human founder, Becca Williams, have been exploring a multitude of ways to accelerate my solopreneur/side project efforts, and that includes the use of a number of generative AI tools.

I’ve created an entire AI-powered team of Custom GPTs using ChatGPT Plus that brings augmented expertise.


My “Aidvisory Board” includes a diverse group of 12 personas with expertise in coding, health tech entrepreneurship, data security, venture capital, artificial intelligence and machine learning, tech law, healthy aging, accessibility, gerontology, and senior wellness. This custom GPT is my go-to for most things right now and I work with it on a near-daily basis. I also go to this GPT to write alt text for any images I upload to my websites to make them more accessible. Additionally, I’ve worked with the Aidvisory Board to:

  • understand pros and cons of accelerator programs and their investment terms
  • evaluate various blockchains
  • generate survey questions, data, and personas to help me learn and iterate faster
  • identify potential blockers and points of failure with my business idea
  • write a tokenomics model
  • create a game concept
  • estimate startup costs
  • create a customer acquisition strategy
  • populate a Lean Canvas
  • make recommendations about who Menopausey should follow on Twitter
  • write a litepaper
  • name a presentation
  • think through considerations of launching an NFT collection
  • write an onboarding process
  • try to identify original sources of data points
  • help with my DLT Talents homework (I always disclose whenever I’ve used it)
  • answer curious questions I previously Googled
  • write blog posts, and more.

“Crypto Legal Navigator” is a “supportive, humorous female Web3 expert with crypto and economics background.”





“SheTO” is a “CTO for a Web3 health tech startup, Oculus veteran, and tech advisor with a compassionate approach.”



“FixerUXer” is “your award-winning AI co-founder in UX design & Figma tools.”



“Retro Scholar” is an “expert in 1970s, 1980s, 1990s U.S. culture; talks with era-specific slang.” I created it to help generate ideas for a nostalgic NFT collection. I wanted to revisit popular trends across decades in order to inform designs.


“Flashy” is a medically-trained “perimenopause expert, badass and holistic.” I regularly go to “her” with my own perimenopause questions. I am considering releasing this one to the public, but want to be extremely intentional about potential accidental harms, so I’m testing it out very thoughtfully first.


“Accessibility Maven” is an “expert in web accessibility and global standards like WCAG” (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).



“Compass” is an “ethical hacker and QA expert with a keen eye for detail.”

More Tools

  • Poe
    • Poe is similar to ChatGPT, but has a nicer user interface, in my opinion, and the ability to choose from many different models.
  • Adobe Firefly
    • This is a new favorite for me for image generation. It does a surprisingly adequate job of being able to create seamless patterns (if you don’t look too closely), which I’m loving for print-on-demand clothing design.
  • DreamStudio using Stable Diffusion
    • My previous image generation go-to
  • Zig
    • Another new favorite that created a solid Lean Canvas, website copy, personas, experiments, and survey questions. Should be in every entrepreneur’s toolbox at this point.
  • Animus Architect
    • This solution was in Alpha at the time of writing of this post. Created by Wim Wouters, Animus Architect allows you to connect a Ready Player Me avatar in AR to ChatGPT.

Header image generated by Adobe Firefly.

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