Let’s Shatter the Doom and Gloom Narrative.

Life doesn’t end when [peri]menopause begins, though that’s certainly what it feels like based on headlines and the long list of symptoms we do and might experience. Menopausey creator and technologist, Becca Williams (she/her), is exploring how to inject some more joy into this life phase, minimize fears and anxiety, and maximize connection and understanding, and she wants to hear from YOU. Perimenopausal humans and their partners are encouraged to head on over to SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES in the menu. Help build the future of Menopausey!

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Unapologetic Writings on Navigating the Menopause Transition

Changing Bodies

Posting something a little more vulnerable this time to see if it resonates. In honor of me, Becca Williams, being one and the same as the Menopausey brand for now, which has come up in Read more…

Menopausey’s AI Co-Founders

I, Menopausey’s human founder, Becca Williams, have been exploring a multitude of ways to accelerate my solopreneur/side project efforts, and that includes the use of a number of generative AI tools. I’ve created an entire Read more…

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