Let’s Shatter the Doom and Gloom Narrative.

Life doesn’t end when [peri]menopause begins, though that’s certainly what it feels like based on headlines. Menopausey creator and technologist, Becca Williams (she/her), is hanging out in her mid-forties woefully unprepared and thoroughly terrified for what’s next. She’s exploring an experimental concept to see how people entering and navigating perimenopause and menopause might live their best lives supported by emerging technologies.

Perimenopause Tracker

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We welcome ALL humans navigating the perimenopause experience.

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Not the place for stale and fear-mongering stories of aging. This is where you'll be encouraged to live your best life.

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Digital Collectibles With a Sense of Humor

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Mixed Reality Application

Slay those hot flashes in virtual and augmented reality.

Welcome to a joyful, imaginative, safe, inclusive, beautiful, accessible, empowering, belonging data sharing platform, community, NFT collection, curated marketplace, and content destination for humans navigating [peri]menopause. 


Unapologetic Writings on Navigating the Menopause Transition
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