A group of five animated characters, with varying skin tones from light to dark, showcases a diverse team. They each wear stylish outfits with bold, polka-dot patterns in a variety of sizes and contrasting colors like black, white, and a vibrant orange. Their hairstyles are distinct, ranging from short and straight to voluminous and curly. A background of scattered dots in black, white, and red complements their attire, adding a playful and creative atmosphere to the image. (Written by ChatGPT.) Also note, it's a cartoon-like graphic.

Menopausey’s AI Co-Founders

I, Menopausey’s human founder, Becca Williams, have been exploring a multitude of ways to accelerate my solopreneur/side project efforts, and that includes the use of a number of generative AI tools. I’ve created an entire AI-powered team of Custom GPTs using ChatGPT Plus that brings augmented expertise. “Crypto Legal Navigator” Read more…

Black Monstera leaf icon with one hole in the leaf filled in with red

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