Menopausey founder, Becca Williams (she/her), stopped tracking monthly cycle data for a while after Roe v. Wade was overturned, as that highlighted how reproductive health data could be ultimately weaponized and that terrified her. Eventually she started tracking it again in a centralized SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution and while it was only after collecting data for eight months or so that she realized, oh, here I am, logging this kind of data in a platform where no one actually owns their data feels pretty yucky.

She’s also not thrilled with the predominant doom-and-gloom menopause narrative, the lack of brands and meaningful content that she connects deeply with, and the focus on medical and unregulated supplement solutions nearly exclusively in this space. (Not to say there’s not a place for such things, just to say we need more than hormones and supplements.) And, solutions typically speak only to women and leave out non-binary folks, trans men, intersex, and 2-spirit people who are also navigating perimenopause. She envisions an inclusive, empowering, accessible community in Menopausey.

So, that’s how Menopausey was born. The name flowed out of her writings one day, almost tongue-in-cheek, and to her delight, the .com was available.

It also serves as a reclamation, of sorts, rather than a denigration.

Why the Monstera?

Becca’s soul had been drawn to the monstera plant leading up to the development of this site. When she began to explore cultural significance of the plant, she discovered a dual meaning that felt perfect. In western cultures, the monstera is seen as suffocating, while in eastern cultures, it is linked to respecting elders, longevity, growth, and abundance.


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Prompt: a glorious, encouraging, bright, and bold header image for a healthtech startup in flourescent colors

Black Monstera leaf icon with one hole in the leaf filled in with red

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