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Header image source: Stable Diffusion
Prompt: A joyful representation of medical data in a bold, bright color palette.
Medical illustration source: Blush Design

A vibrant illustration featuring three people celebrating. On the left, a person with short hair, wearing a purple jacket, white shirt, and yellow pants, holds a balloon and appears to be dancing joyfully. In the center, an individual with medium-length hair in a red top and dark blue wide-legged pants stands with their eyes closed, as if savoring the moment. To the right, a person with blue hair in a pink top and yellow pants is dabbing, a popular dance move, with one arm raised sharply and their head turned into the elbow. Confetti is scattered in the air around them, and whimsical clouds with a minimalist design float in the background, adding to the festive atmosphere. (Written by ChatGPT.)

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